Tom is a certified personal trainer and the owner of Tom Vranich Personal Training located in Waterford, Michigan.

Prior to starting his own business in 2008, Tom was a personal trainer at the Fitness Together franchise in Bloomfield Township. He trained numerous clients of all ages and fitness levels.

A Ford Motor Company retiree after 34 years, Tom is fulfilling his dream of business ownership through his passion for fitness. A father of two adult children and a grandfather of four, Tom stays vibrant, young, and healthy through physical fitness.

Tom enjoys working with clients of all ages and fitness levels and designs programs to meet clients’ individual health needs. He has experience training everyone – from teens involved in high school athletics – to men and women well into their 80s. He explains the benefits of good nutrition and making healthy food choices. Tom takes a genuine and personal interest in each and every client, emphasizing proper technique and the importance of using good form to decrease the risk of injury. His sense of humor and warm and caring personality help clients remain positive, persistent, and patient, giving them the encouragement to achieve great results. Simply put, he won’t let you quit!