• Affordable pricing – compare our prices to any franchised gym in which private, personal training usually starts at $62 per hr.
  • Senior discounts available
  • 10% discount on first package purchased (does not include Holiday Personal Training Special)
  • More private and exclusive than franchised gyms where clients are always coming and going
  • You have a safe, clean, training room that's all yours  
  • Professionally equipped, home-based fitness studio conveniently located in Waterford
  • Credentials and training from highly accredited National Personal Training Institute
  • Focused, results-driven program, including guidelines for better nutrition to help boost metabolism for weight loss
  • Truly flexible workout times based on your schedule
  • You work with only one trainer who knows your strengths and limitations -- no switching of trainers that don't really know you or your needs
  • A complete workout program designed just for you and personalized nutrition plan
  • Self-diagnostic tools to help you learn the triggers that make you more likely to eat  when you’re under stress
  • A complete studio with all the most popular fitness machines so there's no waiting around for an available machine -- all the equipment is there for you.

Stop wasting your time and money in gym memberships that don’t give you the results you want.

Start a better you, today. We'll help you maximize exercise time, follow an eating plan, set goals, and ensure the accountability you need to stay with any exercise program. We do more than just give you a workout. We encourage and motivate you to keep trying no matter what your physical ability is -- whether you need to get more firm, lose inches, or add stamina and strength. We want you to get results and meet your fitness goals.